21 creatives and their favorite places in NRW


Jan Kath


Nicolas Beucker


Sascha Grewe


Nathan Ishar


Paula Ellert


Marcus Schütte


Anja Eder


Christian Hampe


Sabine Voggenreiter



What comes to your mind when thinking of Nord Rhine-Westphalia? After one second you probably think of industry, football and beer, after another second you might picture Cologne and its cathedral, Düsseldorf and the Königsallee or the Rhenish carnival. Admittedly, these could be our thoughts as well when asked to quickly name a few characteristics of the region. However, there is another side to it: the many museums and galleries, the nice snack stands and excellent restaurants, the small back-yard theatres and huge playhouses, the second-hand stores and show rooms, the culture and especially the people behind it. No luck finding the Eiffel tower here, but instead you can discover the best kebap place at the corner, recommended by the guy at the gallery just recently. Whether Düsseldorf, Cologne, the Ruhr area, Krefeld or Münster, they can be found: the locations no one expects to exist. Some of them, we know, and if we don’t know them, we know somebody who knows. You know the drill.

So, after 15 issues of this magazine that always thought of itself as platform and network, it seems only logical to create a guidebook for the obvious and the hidden, an issue containing recommendations by 21 people working in the creative industry and in the cities introduced here, a magazine with mouth-to-mouth advertising – in a manner of speaking, a Heimatdesign guide to the West.